• Airfreight
    Our company has a solid experience in airfreight service. It benefits our clients to receive their shipments within a short time.
  • Cargo insurance
    Expensive shipments, transported by us, can be insured in Russian Insurance Company «PARI» against all risks.
  • Combined transports
    The fastest and economical way of cargo delivery is the combination of several transportation modes such as road, railway, sea and airfreight in one logistic solution.
  • Railway transports
    Freight transportation by rail is the most popular type of service. Cargo delivered both containers and wagons of all kinds.
  • Transportation by truck
    One of the main services offered by UAN NETTO is transportation by truck. We deliver the shipments according to these directions
A freight forwarding company UAB «NETRO» was established in 2013. We could make ourselves known on a logistic market for a short period of time on the upside.

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